Europe Asia Business: Customized project experienced engineers focussing on problem solving demands.

Europe Asia Business – EAB is a group of customized project experienced engineers focussing on problem solving demands in the field of:

  • Horticulture, food, agribusiness and food safety
  • Sustainability, energy efficiency and water management
  • Marine, yachting and harbour development
  • Cross media branding, marketing and shaping of business clusters based on culture and people empathy.

Former Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Jan Peter Balkenende (right) and Chairman of the Dutch Horticultural Council, ir Nico Koomen: ‘the book’ PROVEN BUSINESS, Global Solutions For Global Food and Agricultural Challenges “shows the Dutch horticulture and agribusiness at a glance and reality of sustainability and future orientation.

Besides in-depth technical and engineering experience our expertise include in house experts in finance, investment (relations) and cross media marketing and branding.

EAB has published an international oriented book PROVEN BUSINESS, Global Solutions For Global Food & Agricultural Challenges’  released in September 2013 in the Chinese, English, German and Spanish language. Based on the bridging company philosophy of Europe Asia Business (EAB) we have a close project association with Food Safety Academy (FSA) and the world leading Wageningen University & Research centre with a broad focus on food, farming, agribusiness, agriculture and horticulture. Our websites inform you in detail:  and .

Personal attention
The associates of Europe Asia Business – EAB situated in Rotterdam, Europe’s leading harbour, are Wim van der Ven and Jos Duijvesteijn (agricultural technical product improvement: agriculture, glasshouse design and production; organic greenhouse cropping, food safety, agriculture and horticulture supply), Fop de Pater (finance, business administration, banking, investments and business improvement), Beschier Kik (general management and business development; marine & yachting) and Jan Oeij (business development, cross media branding and business clusters; water, sustainability and passive house building). Our innovative business projects in China are embedded in a very close cooperation with Edo de Ronde, founder of SourceM also based in Rotterdam.

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