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At Europe Asia Business (EAB), headquartered in the Beurs-World Trade Centre in Rotterdam centre, Fop de Pater is the financial and business expert. He worked for many years at the largest agricultural bank in the Netherlands, Rabobank. He knows by heart the world of (greenhouse) horticulture, livestock breeding, fruit and tree nursery and is deeply involved in the export of (greenhouse) horticulture expertise to countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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Wim van der Ven is the technical guy within Europe Asia Business. For more than 35 years he has designed and calculated steel and aluminium greenhouse structures for greenhouse horticulture: as a manufacturer, as a manager and as an entrepreneur. Moreover, he has devised various special inventions; for example, he devised a system to make ridge joints of aluminium greenhouse constructions more storm-proof. The idea is patented and has long been widely used. He also devised a design for higher greenhouses with wider glass. To absorb the movements of the structures that occur in such large structures, he equipped the aluminium profiles with a pressure distributing layer, so that smart rubber profiles capture the movements using ‘harmonicas’. These structures cause less glass breakage, and are waterproof and soundproof. This principle has since been adopted by virtually every greenhouse producer.

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