Come over to The Netherlands and experience horticulture projects in agro, food and food safety

Europe Asia Business. Showing investors and financiers the way to responsible investments in large horticulture projects, in agro, food and food safety.

“Dutch (greenhouse) horticulture is a complete market in principle, focused on replacement, and rarely or never on more expansion. We therefore primarily focus on the rest of Europe and Asia. ”

“Especially in Asia, there is a great and urgent need for food, and this will continue to increase. With our knowledge of the market, production methods, experience in connecting professionals in science and technology, food safety, and especially education and knowledge transfer, we can decisively help to meet the food needs there. ”

So says Fop de Pater (1956) and Wim van der Ven (1953) about their company Europe Asia Business, which they lead from their corporate headquarters in the Beurs-World Trade Center (WTC) in Rotterdam.

Europe Asia Business shows foreign investors and financiers the way to responsible investments in large projects in (greenhouse) horticulture. “Precisely because the Dutch market is complete, our foreign contacts often come here to orient and inform themselves. This is because there is an increasing interest in Dutch turnkey projects for qualitative and quantitative returns. For instance, those foreign visits cover all aspects of modern greenhouse horticulture: soil survey, greenhouses, installations, cultivation techniques, energy supply, logistics, sales and markets. This means the entire genesis and the complete marketing story.”

World food problem 
“In fact, we no longer talk about (greenhouse) horticulture,  but rather about a comprehensive solution to the world food problem. We help our clients with the conditioned cultivation of horticultural products in greenhouses, using ICT and other highly modern and advanced technologies, because this assures a safe end-product. ”

“At the same time, we also talk about employment, the raising of living standards and higher crop yields, provided that the management of the greenhouse grower also improves.”

So, initially, Europe Asia Business’s work for foreign clients is mainly consulting and materialization, and only at a later stage does it become more about coordination and management.

Methodology Kas 3.0   
For the support of foreign investors and initiators who want to build complete greenhouse complexes, Europe Asia Business (EAB) has developed a special working method called Kas 3.0. Within this concept, collaboration occurs on a platform that provides solutions per assignment, country and climate. “It’s a way of working together to meet pre-agreed goals,” De Pater and Van der Ven explain.

The concept has already proved its worth in partial and total projects in China, India, Brazil, Egypt and Turkey. “We are now working on broadening Kas 3.0, including by means of trainings and participations in joint ventures”.

Close to the market
“Sales methodology and logistics are becoming increasingly important. We therefore advise our clients (horticultural companies, investors, leading enterprises) that it’s better to keep their production close to their markets. In this way, they have the most influence on the prices at which their (greenhouse) horticulture products end up on the shelves of supermarkets and other chains. ”

“They can also see this with their own eyes during a visit to the Netherlands, because the Dutch horticultural producers relinquished much of their influence to the 400 trading parties that – for resale to retail organizations – buy their products and determine prices.”

“We therefore advise our clients to first determine for which market they want to produce and then to reconsider what they want us to do for them.”

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